About us

We're Joel and Cara, and we like dogs.

The creation of Dogs Like Joel,  a pet sitting service, came about when a friend (who travels for work) asked for some last minute help with the dogs. Soon after, we were dog sitting for several friends, always excited to get out and see the tails wag.


We built Dogs Like Joel, LLC on the principles of punctual, reliable service that's never in a rush. We believe animals need more than just food and enough time outdoors to go potty – they need to play and socialize. For this reason, Dogs Like Joel does not offer 30-minute visits. We chose to set one hour as the minimum because we don't want to be in a hurry, ever, and we like dogs (and cats). 

The goal is simple: provide the care your pets need and spread some happiness along the way.


Dogs Like Joel, LLC owners Joel and Cara